Thursday Things

1. At any given time, I am reading at least two books: a lunch book and a home book. I am digging The Wednesday Sisters so much that it is now pulling double duty. Sorry Under the Tuscan Sun. Maybe I’ll get back to you later.

2. Last night, upon Dave’s request, I flexed my bicep and he said, “That’s it?!”

The only thing that saved him from sudden death was his follow-up note that I have excellent shoulder definition.

3. I had a horrible night’s sleep last night. I contemplated taking a rest day for such a long time this morning that I finally just got out of bed and did Level 2 of 30 Day Shred.

I felt better afterwards.

4. It is officially iced coffee season. Booyah!

Breakfast Blend brewed, stuck in the freezer, topped with ice and gone from hot to cold in half an hour.

5.  I love food that comes in its own packaging. Like the incredible, edible egg.

Even more splendid when it’s a farm-fresh egg from the country.

6. Eggs are even better when served over-easy on a roll and topped with feta and sauteed spinach.

Runny yolks. Mmmm.

7. Like eggs, oranges come in their own sweet packaging.

And they taste awesome topped with cinnamon.

8. I’m so glad I eat breakfast now. It makes the morning so much nicer.

I think my breakfast is smiling at me.


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