Pack a Pear

I did a new workout today. Level 2 of Six Week Six Pack.

Now, I can’t be 100% certain, but I think Jillian was trying to kill me.

Perhaps if I didn’t start exercising five minutes after I rolled out of bed, I wouldn’t have looked like this after I finished 35 minutes of intense core-focused cardio moves.

While I think the Six Week Six Pack has fantastic overall workouts, they really aren’t very intense ab-wise. In fact, Bob Harper’s 15 minute workout has my abs hurting more than these do.

Still, I was pretty sure my heart stopped multiple times, so I must have at least burned a few calories.

No way was I in the mood for hot coffee this morning.

Dave had leftover coffee in the pot (Coconut Creme), so I poured it into a glass and stuck it in the freezer while I took a shower, then topped it with a few ice cubes.

Then I had to scrounge up breakfast from my remaining groceries. Hmm…I think I have a pear that could turn at any moment.

What a rough life I lead.

One whole wheat pita bread topped with an ounce of broken brie, sliced pear, and cinnamon. Toasted under the broiler for about five minutes.

My first world problems are really overwhelming sometimes.

Have a terrifyingly terrific Tuesday!


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