This One’s for You, Mum

“All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That is his.” ~Oscar Wilde

While I was growing up, my mom had a hand in everything I did. She was one of my Junior Great Books teachers. She made up dance routines for my Girl Scouts troop and always attended camp with me as a chaperone. She was my cheerleading coach in middle school. She was my co-worker for five years when I worked at a garden center.

It sounds strange to call my mom one of my best friends, but she really is.

I have never met anyone who knows and does not love my mother. She is quick to laugh, generous, easy to talk to, and makes you believe anything is possible.

When my dad refused to let us have a dog, my mom stood her ground and took us to the humane society to find our match. We ‘surprised’ Dad by bringing home Sage one day. He was not happy at first.

But Sage was one of the best things that ever came into our lives. We were all devastated when he died a few years ago; my Dad probably cried the hardest. Just goes to show that sometimes, my mom knows people better than they know themselves.

When I decided I wanted my room to be a castle in middle school, she made it one.

Her mad painting skills helped quite a bit.

She is never afraid to kick off her heels and dance.

At every wedding, she relentlessly harps on us to join her on the dance floor until she can drag either me or one of my sisters off. I don’t like it at first, because I know I’m not a good dancer. But you know what? I always have a good time.

She knows it doesn’t matter how silly you feel, it’s how much fun you’re having.

We are a better team off the dance floor.

For the past seven or so years, my mom and I have co-hosted themed parties, mostly murder mysteries, and I am her helping hand with her tea business. We work well together because we both have big dreams, but whereas she tends to float above the clouds, I try to keep things closer to earth, so we balance things out nicely.

She has a sense of humor.

We had a family picture taken when the four of us kids were under ten, and my mom made us all dress up in matching denim shirts. We despised it. We cried, screamed, shouted “I hate you!” and still had to wear the damn denim shirts. A dozen years later, we gave her a photo of the four of us wearing matching jean shirts for Christmas.

She loved it.

Like me, my mom loves to dress up.

She made a fantastic Professor Sprout when we took her to a Harry Potter midnight release party; she even had us quiz her so she could play her part well.

She was also a lovely sprite for Faerie Fest.

And even though she doesn’t like having her picture taken,

She’ll still pose for me next to a ‘Sexy’ sign after we’ve been camping for a week, and everyone else has refused.

She is a fantastic source of inspiration for what a healthy relationship is made of.

My parents don’t just love each other; they like each other. She has proven to me that in a relationship, you do not have to have everything in common to be best friends.

Visiting Door County in the fall

She taught me to love good wine. 🙂

And helped me fix last minute details for my sister’s pirate-themed baby shower when she could see I was getting a bit overwhelmed.

On my wedding day, when none of my bridesmaids could be found to help with flowers, my mom did them all herself (with a little help from me and my aunt). When I had to leave to get ready, she finished the rest alone and brought them to the reception hall, even though it meant skipping a shower and not being able to do her hair before the wedding.

And she still looked fabulous. (Yes, you did, Mom!)

Sometimes I get upset with my mom because she sees the world through rose-colored glasses that are brighter than everyone else’s, worries too much, and loves to turn something simple into something extravagant (or complicated…).

The truth is, the only reason I ever fight with my mother is because we are so similar.

And if I grow up to be like her, I really have no problem with that.


Although I will be heading out soon to spend the afternoon with my mum and family, I started the day off Jillian-style.

Fifty minutes of Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism. I added weights to as many of the moves I could muster, because I really want fabulously toned arms.

This workout starts out relatively easy, but picks up quickly with more and more cardio moves throughout the seven circuits. I really like the incorporation of kickboxing moves–it always makes me feel like I’m channeling a little Chuck Norris when I’m doing side kicks.

For breakfast, fruit cereal!

It’s been awhile.

  • 1 banana sliced
  • handful of blueberries
  • 5 prunes, cut into chunks

Fruit tossed in:

  • 1 tbsp milled flax seed
  • 1 tbsp powdered peanut butter (the last of my  jar!)
  • 1 tsp chia seeds

All topped off with unsweetened vanilla almond coconut milk and a handful of granola.

I can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the beautiful day! My family is heading to a wildlife sanctuary and have a picnic dinner, so I’m going to scrounge up some delicious munchies.



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