Waiting on Me

Saturday has turned into errand day for Dave and I. Back when Dave was working second shift, I would always be the one waiting for him to be ready so we could leave. But now the roles are reversed with him going to bed earlier and waking up earlier than I do.

This morning, while I was drinking my morning coffee at my computer, Dave was up, dressed, and out the door to get his hair cut with plans to pick me up after he returned. This left me a questionable amount of time to exercise, shower, dress, and eat breakfast.

Jillian to the rescue!

30 Day Shred is the quickest workout I have, yet Level 3 is just tough enough to feel effective (since I usually like to do longer workouts on my days off). I jumped in the shower and had just wrapped my hair up in my Turbie Twist when I heard the front door open.

“I’m just getting dressed!” I shouted.

When I came out of my closet, Dave said, “This is weird. Before, you were always the one waiting for me to get ready. Now I have to wait for you.”

“Yeah?” I smiled. “How does it feel?”

“I don’t like it.”

“Five more minutes to eat breakfast?” I asked, feeling particularly gleeful.

“I’ll go clean out my car.” 🙂

Speed eating does not lend itself to nice pictures. I was pretty sure if I slowed down to take nicer pictures, Dave would have left without me.

I didn’t measure anything out this morning, but this is what went into my Purple Monster:

  • unsweetened vanilla almond coconut milk
  • mango nectar
  • mango chunks
  • banana chunks
  • mixed berries
  • spinach
  • water

I usually use a ripe banana, but this morning I used frozen chunks, so the blender had to work extra hard to smoothify my breakfast. It was very thick, very purple, and very delicious.

And it was consumed in about ten minutes in between our apartment and Office Max.

In my super cool monogrammed cup, no less.

After running a few errands, we came home and set to work cleaning our apartment. Several of our friends from afar are headed to Green Bay this weekend, including Dan and Emily, the newly-engaged couple from Stevens Point (!!!), as well as JD from Madison and Raleigh who traveled from Milwaukee.

This is a celebration, indeed–I don’t even remember the last time we were all together. Tonight we’re all going to paint the town with sushi at Little Tokyo, then the gang is headed back to our apartment for a Lord of the Rings viewing with nighttime snacks.

Our apartment is now spotless and ready to be re-spotted. I’m ready. Tonight is going to be a good night.


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