These Things I Know to be True

Laughter is the best medicine.

To say I was a little stressed during planning my small DIY wedding is stretching it…but when it came right down to the day, this face said it best.  Don’t sweat the small stuff. Laugh instead.

If you let them, your siblings will be some of the best friends you’ve ever had.

Sure, we spent plenty of time terrorizing each other when we were younger. Now we go to movies, go out for drinks, and recommend books and movies to each other. We’re bona fide best friends.

So will your parents.

Sure, we spent plenty of time terrorizing each other. Dad said “Light’s out!” when I wanted to read; Mom wouldn’t let me take her car whenever I wanted. Now I know them to be some of the finest, most inspirational people in my lives.

Seeing an animal die in a movie hurts more than seeing a person die in a movie.

Maybe I’m desensitized, but I am liable to tear up when any animal dies in a movie, whereas I’m selective about human characters. It didn’t help that I watched this movie when my own dog was nearing the end of his journey.

Summer is the best season.

Reading on the beach. Eating watermelon and corn on the cob. Driving with the windows down. Having bonfires. Being warm instead of friggin’ freezing all the time. I could go on.

Johnny Depp is one of the best actors ever.

He can convincingly portray a coke addict, Casanova, a pirate, a man with scissor hands, an author, Willy Wonka, a murderous barber, and an Irish river rat. And he looks makes them all look better than good (well, maybe not Wonka). Swoon.

Every food tastes amazing when grilled.

Sweet potatoes. Onions. Corn. Brussels Sprouts. Chicken. Naan.

Archer Farms gelato is better than the best ice cream I’ve ever had.

So far, Cherry Amaretto is holding it’s place as my favorite of the four. It’s creamy, flavorful, and is seriously one of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth.

I will still eat ice cream, and plenty of it.

I’m from Wisconsin. Don’t take away my cheese or ice cream.

Taco salads taste best on Tuesdays.

Maybe it’s the alliteration, I don’t know. But I certainly tend to eat taco salads on Tuesdays more than any other day.

  • spring mix
  • spinach
  • peppers, red onions, white onions, cherry tomatoes, boca crumbles, and Bob’s Red Mill whole grain bean and soup mix sauteed in olive oil and mixed with cajun seasoning
  • cheddar cheese
  • salsa
  • greek yogurt
  • green olives
  • diced avocado


Thanks to tacos for a terrific Tuesday.


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