Monday Morning

That about sums it up.

I hit the snooze button twice this morning. I’ve been sleeping so well (sans any medication) that now I don’t want to get up with my alarm whereas before I hopped out of bed even though I was exhausted simply because I couldn’t sleep anymore. Figure that one out.

I was bleary eyed through the first fifteen minutes of Six Week Six Pack this morning. By the time I was finished, part of me felt more energized while the other part of me was lying on the carpet like a half-dead fish gasping for breath.

And that’s why this exists.

Delicious, delicious coffee.

And an even more delicious breakfast.

While my whole wheat bread was “a perfectly acceptable first loaf of bread” (Dave’s words), I unfortunately did not knead out all the air bubbles, leading to quite a crumbly loaf. Which means I’ve been making croutons and toasting most of it to keep it from falling apart in my hands.

This morning, I toasted my bread under the broiler, topped it with some brie, pear slices, and cinnamon. Ohmygoshpearheaven. It was amazing. I think this is going to be a repeat breakfast.


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