A Time to Let Loose

Last night was not a time to be an intuitive eater. Instead, it was a time to see just how many pieces of Dave’s homemade bread and handfuls of chips were needed to soak up three jello shots, two cherry-jalapeno margaritas, and a gin and tonic.

Last night was the first time some of my coworkers and I got together for a non-work-affiliated party of our own.

It was a time to roll out some of our most interesting work stories (soap bottle in a teenage boy’s…err…’rectal area’ won the night), introduce our significant others, play cards, and watch each other get a little silly in clothes that were not ‘business casual.’

It was a time to drink way more than I have in the last several months, take out my camera for group pictures, and promptly leave it at the house of someone who no longer works in my building. Super.

It was a time to come home and fall asleep during an episode of I Love Lucy.

But not before consuming a handful of animal crackers, a handful of granola, and an apple dipped in Oikos Caramel Greek Yogurt.


This morning was a time to sleep in til 10, drifting in and out of consciousness to the music of rain and thunder.

It was a time pull out my older camera and wake up the best way I know how after a night involving something as classy as jello shots.

Tea. Raspberry Cream black tea to be exact.

A hefty dose of water.

And a magical blue pill called Ibuprofen.

I also see some Yoga for the Warrior in my near future. Because while there is a time to let loose, there’s also a time to button it all back up to normal.



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