Work Free, the Way to Be

My day off looked something like this.

First, I introduced my sister Emily to one of my friends, Jillian.

She had to be in town today and asked (yes, asked!) to work out with me. I love exercise buddies!

She had a baby two months ago (see that little peanut in the far left?), and didn’t complain once during the 55 minute workout! What a rockstar. However, she did admit the hollow man scissor kicks were killer, and I’m so happy it’s not just me who thinks so. 🙂

Followed by an episode of Glee (the one where Kurt sings ‘Single Ladies’) while she fed Aurelia. Afterwards, we headed to my second favorite coffee shop in the Green Bay/De Pere area, Luna.

Luna is arguably as cozy as Kavarna with a fantastic beverage selection, but they don’t have a cafe menu. For a straight up coffee shop, however,  it’s pretty fantastic.

Fresh flowers at all the tables, couches, art work, and a very “towny” feel make for a perfect cafe atmosphere.

Decisions, decisions…

Cafe Au Lait for me.

Full Moon for Em. Made with espresso, hot chocolate, and mint flavor.

Even though Luna doesn’t have a cafe menu, they always have fabulous bakery and ready-made items for noshing.

Veggie and three cheese wrap for Em.

With a zucchini chocolate chip muffin for dessert.

The best breakfast parfait I’ve ever had. Layers of grapes,oats with dried cranberries, and yogurt. I’m not sure what they do to their oats, but the texture and flavor is fantastic; they are chewy (not crunchy like granola) with a hint of cinnamon. I need to recreate them.

Cinnamon chip scone on the side.

While Em took Aurelia to her Dr’s appointment, I went to visit my grandma, aunt, and sister Moriah. After chatting, watching two episodes of Ghost Whisperer and reading three Vegetarian and one Cooking Light magazines (benefits of my graham cracker’s house include cable and plenty of magazines in addition to the company!), my two sisters and I went shopping for a bit.

First to Thornberry Cottage, where I scored this sweet lunchbag.

Thornberry Cottage is a wonderful shop with fabulous home decor, candles, food, including the best chips ever (Tweeds–made with flaxseed and sesame seed, they are so addictive), and funky new finds like lunch bags that look like purses.

My sis Em bought two for gifts previously, and I wanted one of my own. It will replace my old Igloo, which I have trouble fitting some containers or large fruit (like bananas) in.

Then we went to the remodeled Target by my apartment where I picked up a new flavor of gelato to replace my Cherry Amaretto.

Pistachio! I had a few spoonfuls right out of the container when I got home. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. Thank you, Archer Farms, for introducing me to the best gelato I’ve ever had. Next stop, Italy.

I utilized my afternoon off to make lunch for my Davy tomorrow. He is a fabulous cook, but does not like preparing food for just himself. It is also not uncommon for him to work sixteen hour shifts, which leaves him limited time to cook, anyway. So being the banshee queen I am, I made one of his favorites: Waldorf Salad, based on this recipe.

  • 1/2 cup chopped walnuts
  • 1/2 cup celery, thinly sliced
  • 1/2 cup seedless grapes
  • 1 sweet apple, cored and chopped
  • 3 tbsp mayonnaise
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • salt
  • pepper

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Now, excuse me. I have a date with a bubble bath.

Made with Deep Steep Honeydew & Spearmint, one of three kinds Dave’s mom bought me for Christmas last year. I love it.

Nothing goes better with a bubble bath than reading material.

All while ‘Single Ladies’ plays repeatedly in my head.


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