This Morning I…

1) Slept in.
Yes, me. The girl who doesn’t sleep. I’d rather be the ‘girl on fire,’ but life hands me funny cards. Also I have noted that the reason I missed The Hunger Games fad is because I was confusing ‘girl on fire’ with ‘the girl who played with fire.’ Poor marketing, literary and movie world. You went and confused ‘girl who doesn’t sleep.’

2) Ground up some whole bean Chocolate Caramel Brownie coffee and drank two delicious cups worth.

My coffee grinder has been sitting at my parent’s house for over a year and a half now. So glad we finally have it back! Whole bean coffee can be a part of my life once again.

3) Did one hour of P90X Core Synergistics at my friend Lindsay’s behest.

I have to admit, seeing this image as my first introduction to P90X kind of terrified me. Is this torture or exercise? I’ve stayed away from P90X because it’s been described to me as incredibly intense and most people feel like crying or dying after finishing. Not my cup of tea. I really need to like what I’m doing or I won’t keep up with it. Everyone has a different style; as long as you’re moving, do what you like!

My final take: this wasn’t so bad. The atmosphere was a little grungy, but it was a nice break from the overly bright 80s-tastic gym rooms that most programs are so fond of. I liked Tony Horton’s teaching style a lot, too. He was very energetic, personable and seemed to be having fun. I wasn’t a huge fan of Dreya as a participant because it seemed like she was showing off rather than working out. But of course I’m a little jealous that she can push herself that hard.

Banana Roll. Exercise or delicious snack? You pick.

I probably only did the exercises 90% the way they were supposed to be done. I felt like a weeble wobbling during the banana rolls, and I had to do most of the push-ups on my knees yet–this program wasn’t really designed for any of those types of cheats.

When it was over, I didn’t feel as good or exhausted as I’ve felt after some of my Jillian Michaels programs, but that could have been because of my inability to perform at 100%. I think I’ll be trying it again soon, because I liked the variety of exercises, and I love core workouts. End review.

4) Made a bowl of Banana Hazelnut Latte Oats.

I’ve had this packet of Quaker Instant Oats in my cupboard since December 5th. Yes, my parents still do St. Nick for us. Don’t go acting all superior. You’re just jealous.

I never buy instant oats because I like a lot of volume, and instant oats just don’t cut it.

On the left is 150 calories of rolled oats, on the right 150 calories of instant oats. Really you’re only getting about 1/4 cup of oats in those packets mixed with a lot of sugar and ingredients you can’t pronounce. I’d rather use plain oats and add things I can pronounce. But there’s no denying that they do taste good, and it was high time I used them.

I used 1 cup of liquid (half water, half almond milk)–which is double the amount required–in an effort to up the volume. I also mixed in 3/4 of a sliced banana and still only got a small bowl. The flavor was really good, though and with the coffee, I feel plenty full. Of course, I always seem to fill up faster after a workout. Another good reason to exercise!


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