Oatmeal Wearin’ the Green

What a glorious morning! After a lovely sleep-ful night (over 7 hours!), I woke to sunlight filtering in through small cat-claw holes in the blackout curtains, birds chirping….and an eager duck honking proudly outside our window. Who says Green Bay is city living?

I had a special pre-breakfast treat of ‘Irish Whiskey and Cream’ flavored coffee. On days I don’t work, I love to have my morning coffee before I exercise and start the day. And it’s all the better to enjoy when it’s good coffee. I have weaned myself off my addiction to caffeine so that now I can enjoy the full flavor of good coffee, rather than drinking subpar coffee just for the caffeine fix.

This brand is 99cents a bag, which makes a little over 6 cups. It’s worth it!

Since I knew I was going to be running around a lot in the kitchen today, I decided it was going to be a ‘rest day,’ exercise-wise. I did an easy 20 minutes of total body Pilates on ExerciseTV, followed by 20 push ups and one minute of bicycles. Just enough to stretch my limbs out after a week of cardio.

I wanted a savory breakfast, so I decided to make my oats green. I sauteed a half cup of spinach and mixed it with 1/4 cup oats and 3/4 cups water and popped it in the microwave for 2 minutes. Meanwhile, I cooked an egg sunny side up.

I sprinkled some Parmesan on top of the oats, added the egg and some freshly snipped basil. Delicious! Of course, I had to have some tea on the side; one of my favorites, Warm Hearth.

Pictured on our homemade Irish coffee table! Now I have to start packing up my food and head to my parents for a day of cooking and revelry. My next post is going to be a mother-of-a-post, because I probably won’t get to it until tomorrow.

May the luck of the Irish be with you all today!



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